It is time to Laugh – Lifetime Laughter

This Ministry is set on the foundation of the word of God in Gen 21:6, where Sarah said, “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me”. God has called us to take all women from a place of loneliness to a place where loneliness is lost but laughter is gained and this laughter is spread out to all women across the world.

The Ministry is set to empower women by a group of women who have experienced some key challenges in life and like Sarah God has brought them to a place of extreme laughter and they want the world to hear it. Our aim and mission is to provide opportunities for women to laugh in God and with each other, grow deeper in our faith and serve God with our laughter.

The premise is

  • About bringing women together from different parts of the world to experience laughter by closing the gap with laughter between now and those years where laughter has been ceased.
  • Engaging with women all around the world, God wants to remove the barriers of pain to initiate a lifelong laughter.
  • We want to lift women with the help of the Holy Spirit from a place where they have been laughed at, to a place where people will laugh with them to the glory of God.
  • Teaching women how to experience laughter, move women from a place where they have forgotten to laugh due to the challenges in live to where they will laugh so much and infect others with laughter.
  • We want to reach out to women who have only laughed outwardly driven by only environmental circumstances to be able to experience laughter inwardly through the help of the Holy Spirit.

This Ministry is going to run by holding conferences and convention and retreat all over the world. We want to reach out to all levels of women including widows, daughters, married, single and separated, divorce women to laugh out our troubles, bring down the presence and fire of God that will initiate a lifetime laughter.

Part of the laughing women ministry will have a charitable committee that will will work with prostitutes by reaching out to them on the streets, take them out of the street and bring them to a place of lifetime laughter.