Jite Newton – Founder

Jite Newton - Founder, Laughing WomenA Servant of God, passion of working with the Holy Spirit to transform Lives. Founder of Laughing Women Ministries, founded in 2016. The Ministries has since expanded to include more than 4 Continents include Asia, Africa, European and North America. (Countries including Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Canada and India). Since 2016, the organisation has reached over 20,000 in feeding Programmes, 300 children in education, 15,000 women and youth through her various key programmes.

Driven Coach, Philanthropist and mentor to women across the globe. Visionary thinker with global perspective and entrepreneurial drive. Believes in working with the Holy Spirit in getting the right people in the right places for the right reasons at the right time.
Her key mission as instructed by the Holy Spirit is to bring women together from different parts of the world, equipped them to experience laughter by closing the gap between now and those years where laughter has been ceased or lost. Teaching women how to experience laughter, move women from a place where they have forgotten to laugh due to the challenges in life to where they will laugh so much and infect others with laughter.

The heart of these ministries is creating leaders in the area of their gifts, charity, training, and leadership. It serves a variety of life-stage and affinity-based groups for growth.
Her passion focuses on God-given desire that compels her to make a difference in the world.
Her unique unction and utterance has endowed her to the hearts of millions of people that have listened to her at Laughing Women conferences, charity seminars, leadership forums and seminars around the world.

Jite Newton has a unique passion for womanhood with a divine purpose on earth “Working with the Holy Spirit, Honouring God and Blessing Humanity”.
This vision has transformed into many works such Widows community outreach programmes, visit to Orphanage, educating children and other great works that God is doing through her.