My LW Journey
My name is Ese Omoregie, LW ambassador to the UK. I am married with 2children.
I have been involved with LW from its inception; from the very beginning when God laid the vision in the heart of the founder Jite Newton.
A few years back I suffered the loss of my first child and I made a promise to God that if He turns it around quickly, I will stand in large congregation and give Him praise and worship Him; testifying to His glory.
At the congregation where I made the promise was a very large one and at the point of fulfilling my promise to God I was denied the opportunity due to lack of time. I was very sad as I did not know how to fulfil my promise to God. Little did I know that God had a better and a greater plan for me.
Being part of LW has given me the opportunity to fulfil my promise to God not just in one country or continent but in 6 countries and 4 continents.
I have not only fulfilled my promise but found my purpose which is to have the holy spirit in action in my life with an output of witnessing for Jesus and winning souls and bringing hope and comfort to those that need it.
LW had given me the platform to discover my ultimate purpose on earth; with opportunity to feed the hungry, offer salvation to lost souls, bring hope to widows and their children … I can go on and on.
Also LW had given me the opportunity to improve my praise/prayer life and also my relationship with my Heavenly Father; with its challenges which I partake of from time to time. I now understand the love of God for me as my Father. For ‘He that cometh to God must come believing that He is a rewarder to them that diligently seek him.
I have come to discover that I have been selfish with my quest in life and it’s not all about me. My visit to India was an eye opener to the glory of God as I saw people hungry for Jesus irrespective of hunger, poverty, persecution or even the risk of been ostracized from the only one family or community which they know or being to.
We do not have to wait until we have millions to impact lives for Jesus; a few quid will go along way or just being able to give our time to a soul that is desperate for comfort.
God has wired us for greatness and until we take the first step into our journey of purpose it is impossible to identify how much strength and strides God had made available to us as ‘We can do ALL things through Christ that strengthen us ‘.
I will like to challenge you; take up your LW challenge, discover your purpose in life and ‘ Be a champion for Jesus today’ as tomorrow may never come. Remember ‘with God ALL things are possible’.
Thank you and remain blessed in the Lord.