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It's Time to Laugh,
A Lifetime Laughter!

“God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.”

Genesis 21:6

23,000+ Laughing Women

Over 13 Countries Worldwide

Book Launch: Path to Excellence book and Planner

Book Launch: Path to Excellence book and Planner

Dive into the transformative pages of ‘Path to Excellence,’ a book meticulously crafted to guide you on a personal odyssey toward success, empowerment, and fulfillment. Authored by Jite Newton, this literary masterpiece combines insightful wisdom, real-life stories, and actionable strategies to help you navigate life’s challenges and unlock your true potential.


We are a league of women making a real difference all over the world.

Laughing Women is set to empower women by a group of women who have experienced some key challenges in life and like Sarah God has brought them to a place of extreme laughter and they want the world to hear it. Our aim and mission is to provide opportunities for women to laugh in God and with each other, grow deeper in our faith and serve God with our laughter.


We are a league of women making a real difference all over the world.

Laughing Women is set to empower women by a group of women who have experienced some key challenges in life and like Sarah God has brought them to a place of extreme laughter and they want the world to hear it. Our aim and mission is to provide opportunities for women to laugh in God and with each other, grow deeper in our faith and serve God with our laughter.

What we do

Services We Provide

Laughing Women offers a range of services, from personalized support and empowerment programs to tailored events, ensuring that every woman with special needs receives the care and opportunities they deserve


Child Education Sponsorship

Our Programme aims to create educational opportunities for some of the most vulnerab...


Women Sponsorship Programme

A programme special developed to help women, a way of creating an enabling..


LW Prayer Line

A weekly prayer line, where we come together and raise our voices to heaven.


LW Talk Show

Laughing Women Talk show focusing on sharing testimonies of great miracles...


LW Leadership Summit

Laughing Women Ministry currently runs by holding conferences and convention and retreat all...


LW Praise Challenge Events

Come, let us worship and bow down. Let us kneel before the Lord our maker


LW Feeding Programme

Our LW regular feed 100 a day programme, managed by Laughing women Ambassadors all...


LW Widows Community Outreach

A monthly outreach programme to support widows Spiritual development


Youth Empowerment & Leadership

Laughing Women has long supported programs that offer young people opportunities...


LW Conferences

Laughing Women has long supported programs that offer young people opportunities...


LW Hangouts

Laughing Women has long supported programs that offer young people opportunities...


LW Spiritual Masterclass

Laughing Women has long supported programs that offer young people opportunities...


Cultivating a Sustainable Future

At Laughing Women, we are committed to sustainability. Our mission extends beyond empowerment and support; it encompasses our responsibility to the planet and the communities we serve. We are dedicated to implementing eco-friendly practices, supporting local initiatives, and fostering a world where joy, kindness, and sustainability coexist harmoniously. Join us in our journey to nurture a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.”

From our Founder’s Desk

“From my desk to the world, I’ve witnessed the incredible power of kindness, compassion, and determination. At Laughing Women, we believe in the strength of women, the potential of children, and the boundless opportunities that lie ahead when we come together to make a positive change. Every day, we work tirelessly to uplift those in need, to create smiles, and to inspire personal growth. Together, we’re on a journey to empower, to educate, and to foster a world where laughter and excellence are within everyone’s grasp. Join us in this remarkable adventure, and let’s make a difference, one act of kindness at a time.”


Stay Informed About Our Latest News and Events

At Laughing Women, we believe in transparency and keeping our community informed. We are excited to share our latest updates, events, and news with you. Check out what’s happening in our community:






Welcome to the Heart of Laughing Women

In the core of Laughing Women’s mission lie five pillars that define our commitment to positive change: Empower, Establish, Enlighten, Encourage, and Enlarge. We empower individuals to discover their inner strength, establish a foundation for growth and success, enlighten minds with knowledge and inspiration, encourage one another on the journey to excellence, and work tirelessly to enlarge the sphere of positivity and empowerment. Each element represents a step in our collective journey towards a brighter, more empowered world. Join us in this transformative experience, where laughter meets purpose, and together, we empower, establish, enlighten, encourage, and enlarge the lives of those we touch.”

"Keep inspiring to keep counting and never stop laughing"

-Jite Newton

Founder, Laughing Women


Get Involved with Laughing Women

At Laughing Women, we believe in the power of unity and the strength of a compassionate community. We understand that change starts with individuals who are ready to make a difference. That’s why we invite you to be a part of our mission, to join us in creating a brighter, more joyful world.
Get Involved in our programs that offers you the opportunity to be a catalyst for change. Whether you aspire to be an Ambassador, lend a helping hand as a Volunteer, champion our causes as a Champion, or simply wish to share your inspiring story, there’s a place for you within the Laughing Women community.


Join us as a volunteer and make a meaningful impact in the lives of women and children in need through your time, skills, and compassion.

Partner with Us

Champion our causes and become a catalyst for change by advocating for the empowerment of women and children in your community and beyond.

Become a Champion

Partner with us to create a brighter future by supporting our initiatives and projects, whether through sponsorship, collaborations, or donations.

Share your Story

Inspire others by sharing your personal story of triumph, resilience, or empowerment, and be a source of hope for those facing similar challenges.

Find Help for Children, Support for Widows, and Connect with NGOs

 If you or someone you know needs assistance, whether it’s for children, widows, or connecting with NGOs, we’re just a click away. Reach out to us, and let’s work together to create positive change in the lives of those who need it most.”

Laughing Women Leadership Summit

Welcome to the Laughing Women Summit Across 7 Countries!

Announcing our groundbreaking leadership summit spanning across seven diverse countries. Our mission is clear: to redefine leadership on a global scale while empowering local communities.

In the modern landscape of leadership, it’s imperative to recognize the power of laughter, unity, and diversity in driving change. As we gather across seven countries, we celebrate the unique strengths and perspectives each woman brings to the table, shaping a future where leadership knows no bounds.

Join Jite Newton in collaboration with the laughing women team on a transformative journey as we embark on a mission to empower and develop over 10,000 women in leadership this year.

A Child’s Dream Fulfilled

“We can change lives and empower the next generation.”

We have worked to initiate the Shoes Project with the theme ‘Going to School in Shoes: A Dream Come True.’ Our goal is to deploy the first 1000 pairs of shoes by God’s grace. We’re targeting schools in five countries across the world, sponsored by Laughing Women Charity.

Providing shoes isn’t just about footwear; it’s about restoring dignity, boosting confidence, and enabling children to pursue their education without hindrance. Every step they take in their new shoes brings them closer to realizing their dreams.

Our Projects

At Laughing Women, our projects are guided by our unwavering commitment to the betterment of society. Each initiative is tailored to address specific needs, promote education, and foster social and community welfare.

Women Sponsorship Project

Project empowers women through educational support and opportunities, fostering personal growth and creating a lasting impact on their lives

The Hospital Project

The Hospital Project extends a healing hand, providing essential healthcare support to those in need. Join us in making a difference by contributing to this impactful initiative

The Women off the Street Project

Empowers and supports women facing homelessness, providing them with resources, shelter, and opportunities to rebuild their lives with dignity and strength.

The Widows Project

This is dedicated to providing support, empowerment, and community for widowed individuals, helping them rebuild and thrive in the face of loss.

Train a Child Project

This is a heartfelt initiative dedicated to providing quality education and holistic development for children, ensuring they have the tools to build a promising future filled with possibilities

The Prison Project

This project aims to bring hope and rehabilitation to incarcerated individuals through education, skill development, and emotional support, fostering positive transformations within prison walls.

Women Empowerment and Leadership Training Project

Dedicated to equipping women with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to lead and thrive in various spheres, fostering a community of empowered and influential leaders.

The Sustainability Project

This project at Laughing Women is our commitment to environmental responsibility, and creating a lasting positive impact for generations to come.

Community Development Project

This project is our commitment to creating positive change by empowering and uplifting communities through sustainable initiatives, education, and social welfare programs.

Laughing Women Academy

We believe in the transformative potential of education.

Our dedicated learning platform is a place for individuals to apply, grow, and thrive. Join us on a journey of empowerment, where knowledge becomes a key to unlock your dreams and create a brighter future. Explore our courses and discover new opportunities today.

Master Classes

Our masterclasses have been crafted from ground up and they cut across different spectrums. From Business to Charity, Leadership and more.


Our versatile courses will help you develop the right mind-set, improve your knowledge, enhance your day-to-day interactions and more.


Our tailor-made trainings are created with you in mind. From personal development to discovering and maximazing your potentials.


With the Laughing Women Academy Mentoring Program, one size doesn’t fit all. Our approach and delivery is completly customised to you.


The Coaching we offer are delivered in practical ways. Whether you are an individual, a business executive or a team – we are here for you.

Community Development

Learning fuels our community development program, empowering positive change.

LW Education Charity: 

Fostering Hope through Knowledge

At the heart of our mission is the belief that education is a powerful catalyst for change. Our charity education initiatives aim to provide access to knowledge, empowering women and children to overcome challenges, dream big, and build a brighter future. Through educational support, scholarships, and programs, we nurture the potential of those in need, equipping them with the tools to break barriers, succeed, and inspire the world with their achievements. Together, we are sowing the seeds of hope and possibility through the gift of education.”

Tobams Charity:

Changing Lives, One Act of Kindness at a Time

At Laughing Women, we proudly collaborate with Tobam’s Charity, a beacon of hope and compassion. Together, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of women, children, and communities in need. Tobam’s Charity exemplifies the spirit of generosity, dedicating their resources to providing education, healthcare, and essential support to those facing adversity. Join us in celebrating their tireless efforts, as we continue to work hand in hand, spreading laughter and empowerment across the globe. Together, we can create a world where kindness knows no bounds.

Our Visit to Orphanage Home in Zambia

At Laughing Women, our recent visit to the orphanage home in Zambia was a heartwarming experience. We shared laughter, joy, and moments of connection with the children, bringing hope and support to their lives. We believe in the power of kindness and the transformation it can bring, and our visit reinforced our commitment to creating a brighter future for these incredible young souls.

Merchandise and Swags

Discover the Joy of Giving and Receiving

At Laughing Women, our mission extends to every aspect of your life, including your style. Explore our exclusive collection of Laughing Women merchandise and swag that reflects the spirit of positivity and empowerment.


Laughing Women Book store

Path to Excellence book and Planner

Embark on a transformative journey to unlock your full potential and achieve greatness. These foretold things do not constitute only warnings for certain things about to happen or await…



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